The Basics Of Work Accident Claims

4 types of workplace accidentThere are a number of occupations worldwide that can be called hazardous. While there are many people who may dispose off the idea of hazardous occupations with generalizations such as ‘hazards are a part of every profession’, some occupations are more hazardous than others.

A few examples of hazardous professions could include: Maintenance electricians on ships and rigs, blasters, bricklayers, carpenters, chemical lab technicians etc. However, this does not mean that accidents at a workplace can affect you only in certain hazardous professions. Accident claims are a part of an wide range of workplaces, ranging from accountants to solicitors.

What is an accident at the workplace defined as?

An accident at a workplace may be defined as a sudden, external, unexpected, unpredictable, unmediated or unintended brutal occurrence arising from the execution of duties or as a result of them. Such an occurrence is known to cause health complications for an employee or in few unfortunate cases death or even occupational fatality.

When do work accident claims work?

If there is a causal relationship between the violent occurrence and the work being done at the workplace, and if the injury or fatality is due to the negligence of the firm, an accident claim can be filed. For instance, in collieries or at blast sites, if employees are not provided with appropriate equipment or faulty equipment and a blast occurs maiming or killing workers. Or if in the plastic molds or items manufacturing industry, if on account of negligence a container of hot molten plastic is left precariously open and employees get scalded on account of this.

The pros of pursuing work accident claims

injured man at deskWork accident claims are an employee’s advantage. If you are an employee of a corporation or a big organization, you will realize that something like an accident claim will give you peace of mind as you work. When working in a high risk profession, you know that at anytime, an accident might take place. In the unfortunate event of an accident, an accident claim policy can be your only refuge.

From the perspective of an organization, you will be forced to have a safer workplace. This will not avoid accidents completely but at least minimize them. This in turn will show employees from your organization that you care for their well being, thus ensuring greater corporation and organization loyalty. This level of loyalty will be heightened if you pay out employee’s work accident claims promptly in the event of an unfortunate accident in the workplace.

The cons of work accident claims

The cons could include, the additional costs of solicitors to advice the directors of the organization from time to time. In the case of employees, situations might become a little complex if the accident is a border line case. Also if the accident is the employees fault, there are practically few chances of the employees getting any compensation.

This is why high risk workers need a solicitor for representation in the case of work accident claims. The advantage of hiring a solicitor is that you can employee him/her at a no win no fee basis. Also, in the case of a work place accident, an experienced solicitor will be able to understand the nuances of your case better. This will mean a better chance at compensation, if not more.